Class Descriptions

Baby Ballet, Tiny Tots, Cherubs, Kinder Ballet
Dancers will be introduced to the basic dance terminology of ballet. A balance of focus and fun, spatial awareness, flexibility, coordination, balance, expression, and hearing music are explored through the joy of movement while worshipping God.

Ballet/Modern Variations
This class focuses on learning a different solo piece, or variation, each month. While this class is not a technique class, it is focused on all the details of the choreography for each and every piece. We work to make our monthly project as performance ready as possible. The last class of each month, we perform our rehearsed piece for parents, friends and family that would like to attend. Students not only find it inspirational to learn new choreography every month, but they also benefit from the detailed rehearsal of classical and contemporary works.

Ballet For Moms
This class is for all you moms who took ballet when you were younger and have always wanted to get back into it or maybe you’ve always wanted to try ballet and never have! Do something fun for yourself and enjoy fellowship and learning with other moms! Dress code is workout attire…leotard and tights not required!

Ballroom Variety
This class will introduce the basics of the American Smooth style of ballroom dancing and will introduce the basics of the American Rhythm style of ballroom dancing.. Students will develop posture, coordination, balance and control through a series of steps designed to carry each couple effortlessly across the dance floor. Upon completion, each student will have the ability to recognize and match each style of dance to the appropriate style of music and perform the basics and beginning supplemental steps of waltz, foxtrot and tango. Upon completion, each student will have the ability to recognize and match each style of dance to the appropriate style of music and perform the basics and beginning supplemental steps of east coast swing, salsa, cha-cha and rhumba. Perfect to prepare for weddings, social dancing, or a unique workout. No partners necessary!

Choreography Concepts
(Jan-May only) ages 13+, for intermediate to advanced dancers who want to utilize the technique they are learning to choreograph, create, and collaborate their own dances. In an attitude of worship, we will explore movement qualities, choreographic elements, and tangible tools to create our own dances. Solo and group collaboration will culminate into the pieces we will showcase at recital.

Combo Classes
Students will increase their understanding of ballet while developing coordination and rhythm through tap dance. Half of the class time will be focused on ballet, and the other half on tap!

Contemporary Jazz/Worship
This class is designed to train dancers in Jazz Technique.  We involve technique training in warm-up, flexibility focus, leaps and turns and end with choreography. Class will always begin with a devotional verse for dancers to explore throughout the physical training of class. A large emphasis is placed on personal prayer and exploration of God’s Word through improvisation time at the end of each class. This aids dancers in finding their own creative voice that God directs and places inside the artist’s heart.

Creative Collaborators
This is a 45 minute class, ages 6+, fully accessible and open to all levels and abilities. Creative cooperation and exploration of contemporary dance forms and movement qualities. Learn to think and move creatively as an individual dancer and with partners or groups. This class is tuition free!

In our hip hop classes, we will be teaching the students isolation, rhythm, control, intricacy, and fluidity in their movements. Students will learn to hear beats and move in ways that will benefit all forms of dance. Students will learn the various sub-styles that make up hip hop dance, including popping, waving, tutting, jerk, house, lyrical hip hop, break dance, freestyle, and many others.  Through class, students will find their sense of movement, add their personal style, and even learn how to choreograph their own pieces.

Irish Step Dance is a fun and fast-paced dance style that emphasizes the rhythms of beautiful celtic music and has a unique technique all it’s own. Dancers will learn that technique through warm up exercises, across the floor work and traditional folk dances including the jig, reel and hornpipe, which all focus on very specific footwork. They will also participate in group dances called Ceilis, which develop teamwork skills and coordination. Students will also learn choreographed work that combines all the elements they learn within the class. Notes will be taken and used regularly during class.

Students are introduced to a jazz dance vocabulary including: stretches, isolations, turns, jumps, and combinations. Students will gain a better understanding of rhythms, all choreographed to wholesome music. In this class you will learn the fundamentals of jazz, muscle isolation, and movement to different beats. This class is a fun way for boys and girls to learn a different style of dance that is very popular with a different energy.  Be ready to let loose and have fun!

This class is a specialized class designed for Int/Adv dancers who want to improve and broaden their skills in both leaping and turning. Not only is this a fun, fast paced class, but it also helps dancers become well rounded and marketable for the future!

Modern, based on the broad ideas of “opposite of ballet”, is focused on the use of space, time and energy.  Classes are based off of Limon technique with infusions from other masters.  Modern is its own unique technique, not to be confused with contemporary or jazz.  While ballet is ethereal and other worldly, modern is grounded and current.  While jazz is presentational, modern is about your own internal voice.  If you are one to learn something new, this is the class!  Come explore all ways we can dance using the air, the floor and each other!

Musical Theater
This class is an introduction to the Broadway/Musical Theater genre. This class will provide students the opportunity to explore acting exercises, simple movement for musical theater and an introduction to singing. Students will learn songs and movement from current and classic musicals and must be comfortable with learning to sing, act and dance as we will be putting all of these together.

Primary and Ballet 1-5
Dancers will develop rhythm, coordination, flexibility, listening skills, balance, and musicality through activities such as: stretching, strengthening muscles by doing ballet barre exercises, and learning center floor progressions. They will also be encouraged in creative worship and improvisation, unleashing the grace and creativity that God has put in them. Ballet Level 4/5 students are required to come twice a week.

Performance Presentation
This class focuses on levels of expression and production value in a dance for the purpose of affecting the audience, going beyond the usual executing of steps and displaying movement for a yearly recital piece.  Students will work on using the theatrical subtleties of music, and sometimes props or simple set pieces, to present a story without words that a regular studio class doesn’t have time for.  This is a great opportunity for students who are ready to explore dynamics, physical portrayal, and character–driven dance on a deeper level.

The Pre-Pointe class is a pre-requisite for pointe work and is designed for students ages 11 and up who have had at least 2-3 consecutive years of ballet training. Students will need to bring these items to class: yoga mat, beach/bath towel, foam roller, and tennis ball. Students will be assessed by our team of pointe teachers in May to determine if they are ready to move into Beginning Pointe.

Progressing Ballet Technique
An innovative program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon for students to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best in dance.  This program has outstanding success with the use of muscle memory to improve students understanding of core stability, weight placement, and alignment. Students must provide: 7" fusion ball, 24"-36" foam roller, and a racquet ball. Yoga ball and therabands will be provided by the studio.

Stage Drama
This class for ages 11+ will include improv games, actor's warm-ups, body position (while on stage), and projection. Other things that will be covered are basic auditioning, stage terms, writing down and learning blocking, working with props, line memorization, timing and delivery, character development, staying in character while on stage and performance basics.

Studio Division
Turning Pointe offers a carefully constructed curriculum which introduces ballet steps and concepts at an age-appropriate pace.  Our teachers are warm, caring Christians who lovingly instruct your child and provide excellent role models of Godly young women and men.  Recreational Division students have an in-studio performance at Christmas time, and a formal recital in May.

Swing Dance
Swing dancing is a fun, social dance that involves easy to learn movement, exciting steps and great music. It dates all the way from the Jazz Age, the 1920s, and has continued to be a popular form of dancing. There are many different styles of swing dancing, each has it’s own tempo, steps and tricks. In this class, we will be learning the basics of East Coast, Lindy and Charleston styles. Come join us as we dance the summer away by learning this fun style of social dancing! Bring a partner, or show up solo.

From the old style of vaudeville and hoofers, to the modern-day hitters, tap spans the decades and the globe.  We will explore historical dances and even put our own twist on the traditions.  Technique and body alignment are the central focus of class while building on choreography.  Music from every generation will help us to work on musicality, tone, shading, counterpoint and, of course, style!

Worship Dance
This class will combine lyrical and contemporary dance styles to explore ways God created our bodies to move. A large emphasis is placed on personal prayer and exploration of God’s Word through improvisation time in class. We will focus on cultivating individual expression and innovation through creative worship while also learning to dance lyrically and using Scripture and words to worship songs as motivation for our movement.