Zach was born and raised in Southern California, where he began his fine arts training as a singer and actor first. Born to two professional opera singers, Zach began his vocal training at age 6 and completed his acting education at Macker Entertainment CA Studios by age 8. He then worked under Kazarian Spencer and Associates Inc. as a professional child actor for the next two years booking various jobs and programs. Zach began his love for dance in high school after watching Step Up 2: The Streets. However, he did not actually start his official dance training until he reached the Young Americans Performing Arts College after graduating High School in 2011. He originally gained admissions and a full ride scholarship for his vocal prowess. However, there Zach found a love and passion for dance that caused him to work hard and excel.  His diligence and hard work ultimately earned him a place as a principle dancer on various tours and in numerous shows. During his tenure in the Young Americans, Zach toured to Japan and to the United Kingdom conducting performance workshops with youth/adults and performing in various renown venues.

Zach has been teaching Hip Hop here in Colorado Springs for the last 4 years working at various studios. During this time, he has had the pleasure of personally instructing Olympic slopestyle skier Nick Goepper and be a choreography judge for the 2017 CHSAA Show Choir Festival. He has also been able to choreograph for Falcon Middle School’s and Cheyenne Mountain High School’s show choirs. Zach is currently attending UCCS and pursuing his degree in Health Sciences.