May 30 Placement Class Registration

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Fidele- 057 (ONE03676).jpg

May 30 Placement Class Registration


For students ages 8+ who are new to Turning Pointe or are wanting place in a teacher approval class and have not taken that genre of dance, we will have a level placement date on May 30. The cost for each class is $15 and will be applied to the student’s account if they register for the class in that dance genre.
Placement Day: May 30, 2019

Please choose number of classes requesting to be evaluated in below!

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Int/Adv Hip Hop (ages 12+) 4-4:45
Ballet ages 13+ and pointe 4-4:45
Musical Theater 4/5 (ages 14+) 4:45-5:30
Int/Adv Modern (ages 13+) 5-5:45
Jazz 3b/4 (ages 12+) and Int/Adv Contemp/Worship (ages 12+) 5:30-6:15
Ballet ages 8-12 5:30-6:15
Int/Adv Tap (ages 12+) 5:30-6:15
Irish 3/4 (ages 12+) 6:15-7:00