Dress Code Guidelines

  1. Leotards may be camisole, tank, short or long sleeve.

  2. All levels may wear skirts of any color/pattern.

  3. Hair must be pulled back in a braid, ponytail, or bun for all classes. Hair must be in a bun for Ballet 3-5 and Pre-Training/Training students.

  4. Older girls may wear tanks over their leotard, but it must be the same color as their leotard.

  5. Bras may not be showing. Midriffs may not be showing.

  6. No dangly jewelry of any kind.

  7. Dance shoes may not be worn outside the building because it reduces the life of the shoes, and it can bring hazardous materials into the studios that can cause damage to the flooring.

  8. Girls ages 9 and up: cover ups for top and bottom must be worn over leotards when entering and leaving the premises (to promote modesty).

Pearl (purity) Twirl classes and Ballet/Jazz Combo:  light pink or white leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes (also black tap shoes for combo, ballet/jazz combo need ballet shoes only), optional skirt or tutu
Note: Twirl Showtime-boys need black jazz shoes, girls need tan jazz shoes- no tap shoes

Amethyst (royalty) Primary, Ballet 1a and 1b, Ballet ages 5-8: lavendar or dark purple colored leotard , pink tights, pink ballet shoes, optional skirt

Sapphire (heavenly) Ballet 2 and 2b, Beginning Ballet 9-12: light blue or royal blue leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, optional skirt. Note: Ballet 1b/2 class can wear either lavender/purple or light/royal blue leo.

Ruby (covenant) Ballet 3a and 3b: scarlet or burgundy leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, optional skirt or black shorts

Ballet 4 and 5, Teen/Adult Ballet: black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, skirt or black shorts

Pre-Training: same color leotard that they wear to their other weekly ballet class

Training Division: black or navy leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, pointe shoes if applicable, optional skirt

Pre-Pointe/Progressing Ballet Technique: solid color leotard and pink tights (no shirts, shorts, or skirts as we will be focusing on alignment) 
Pre-Pointe students also need to bring these items to class: yoga mat, beach/bath towel, foam roller, and tennis ball.
Progressing Ballet Technique students also need to being these items to class: 7" fusion ball, 24"-36" foam roller, and a racquet ball. Yoga ball and therabands will be provided by the studio.

Worship, Contemporary, Modern, Ballet/Modern Combo, and Acro: solid colored leotard or fitted shirt, black pants, capris, or shorts, and foot paws or bare feet (also pink ballet shoes for ballet/modern combo)

Hip Hop: solid color tank or fitted tee, black jazz pants, capris, or shorts, hip hop sneakers or regular sneaker (sneakers may not be worn outside, inside only shoes)

Jazz: solid color tank or fitted tee, black jazz pants, capris, or shorts, black slip on jazz shoes

Musical Theater: solid color tank or fitted tee, black jazz pants, capris, or shorts
Level 1- black jazz shoes
Level 2- black jazz shoes
Level 3- girls- tan jazz shoes//boys-black jazz shoes
Level 4- black jazz shoes (boys and girls)
Level 5- black and tan character heels

Leaps and Turns: solid color tank or fitted tee, black jazz pants, capris, or shorts, tan or black jazz shoes or foot paws

Irish: solid color leotard, shorts and tights or tight fitting tank and black leggings. Ankles must be visible. Black ballet shoes or black ghillies. Black tap shoes for hard shoe (needed for ages 9 and up, not for 6-9 year old class). Traditional Irish hard shoes encouraged for Irish 4 and 5, optional for Irish 3.

Ballroom/Swing: comfortable clothes and shoes with rubber or suede sole. Heels for females are preferred but not necessary (no heels for swing).

Teen/Adult Ballet: solid color leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, skirt (any color/pattern) or black shorts

Ballet for Moms: workout clothes, ballet shoes (no leotard and tights required)

Tap: Black dance pants/leggings need to show knee alignment or be able to be pulled up over the knee.  No jeans. Solid color top (tee, tank, leo)
Black lace up hard shank tap shoes (no split sole or slip ons). Tap 4b/5 will also need character heel tap shoes 1.5'“

Creative Collaborators: comfortable clothes you can move in/workout clothes

Men: black athletic pants or shorts (fitted not tight), white or black shirt, black ballet shoes


Class Schedule, Free Trial Classes, Class Placement


Free Trial Classes

We welcome and encourage you to come and try a class for free during our specified trial class weeks:

  1. October 14-19, 2019

  2. December 16-20, 2019

  3. Jan 6-11, 2020

Leave us a message at 719.445.9497 or email us at turningpointeoffice@gmail.com and let us know what class you’d like to come and try (class must be an open class - trial classes may not be scheduled in a closed or full class). We feel like this is a great way for you to get a feel for the studio, meet the teacher, and see what a great experience your dancer will have with us! Because our summer session is modified and only a June and July session, we do not have trial classes during our summer session unless you would like to come and pay the drop in rate.


Placement class and Evaluations

Schedule Changes

Class Changes:
A student may drop and add classes depending on availability. To ensure proper costume orders class changes will not be allowed after December 20th, 2018. Dancers wishing to change classes after then (but before January 15, 2019) must have the instructor’s permission and must purchase an additional costume

A student wishing to drop all of their classes is considered to be withdrawing from the studio. A student not showing up for classes or not paying the registration fee does not constitute a withdrawal. To withdraw from a class, written notice must be given to our school administrator: you must fill out a blue withdrawal form or email turningpointeoffice@gmail.com on or before the 20th of the previous month or you will continue to be responsible for tuition payment for the next month.  Example: if you want to withdraw from a class and send us written notice on October 28th, you will still be responsible for November tuition for that class. This is a 10 day notice and most studios require a 30 day withdrawal notice. If a costume has been purchased for any withdrawn class and the student moves out of town, there is a $15 shipping fee per costume.

Make-Up Classes/Absences:
Tuition will not be adjusted based on the length of the month, absenteeism, school closures, vacations, holidays, or inclement weather. We usually follow District 20’s schedule on snowy days- but there are also times where school is cancelled and we have dance classes because the weather clears up in the afternoon. If the weather is questionable, please call 445-9497 for a recorded message or check the home page of the website! Students may always make-up at any age/level appropriate class at any time. Please note that students may make up in the same level or a level below, but not in a more advanced class than they have been approved for.

Student/Parent/Teacher Relations

Email Communication:
To contact Tina directly email: turningpointedance@gmail.com

For questions on billing, registrations, class placement email Jenner: turningpointeoffice@gmail.com

To contact a Turning Pointe teacher email: teacher.turningpointedance@gmail.com with their name in the subject line.

To contact Ms. Sara for Training Division email: training.turningpointe@gmail.com

To contact Fidele Youth Dance email: fideleyouthdancecompany@gmail.com

To contact STARZ Theater email: turningpointestarz@gmail.com

Contacting Instructors:
Instructors can be contacted via email. All emails are listed on the Turning Pointe website or you can email teacher.turningpointedance@gmail.com and put the teacher’s name in the subject line. Please do not try to catch an instructor between classes. Class schedules are very tight and our instructors would like to give your questions and concerns the proper attention.

Social Media:
We are on Facebook and Instagram! Become a fan and keep up with latest Turning Pointe Dance news! Use the hashtag #turningpointeco

Phone Calls:
Please leave a message when you call the studio and we will return your call within 24 hours. If you call but do not leave a message, we will not get a notification. You must leave a message if you would like to speak with a staff member. You may also leave a message for a teacher at the studio. Do not call or text any staff member on their personal phones. Due to varied work schedules, emails are best.

Disruptive Behavior:
Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. If this occurs repeatedly, the parent will be contacted. If it continues, the student will be dismissed from class that day.

Opening Class Doors:
Please respect our instructors. All classes are closed session. Do not open the door during class time. When classes are over, the instructor will open the door for the next class to enter and students will exit to the lobby.

Fall & Christmas Parent Programs:
There will be two informal programs during class times at the studio: a fall peek week in October and a Christmas program in December (last 15 minutes of class time). Please feel free to bring cameras or video equipment to these programs.

  • FALL: Pirouette and Chaine Studios Oct 15-20, 2018

  • FALL: Fouette, Soutenu, and Pique (basement) Studios Oct 22-27, 2018

  • CHRISTMAS: Pirouette and Chaine Studios Dec 3-8

  • CHRISTMAS: Fouette, Soutenu, and Pique (basement) Studios Dec 10-15

Emails from Studio:
All registered accounts will automatically be enabled to receive email updates and alerts from the studio. You can update your email address on file through your customer portal.

Lobby Rules

1. Hallways Must be Clear
Please remain in the lobby area while waiting for class to begin or let out. On program weeks when the studio is especially busy, all strollers are to be parked outside the front door.

2. No Horseplay
Parents are asked to keep students and waiting siblings from aggressive horseplay in the waiting areas including running and throwing/bouncing balls.  Parents and siblings are not allowed in empty classrooms.

3. No Acrobatics
Students should not be performing any gymnastics in the halls or waiting areas.

4. Food
No soda, coffee, gum, or messy food in the main lobby areas. Only water is allowed in the studios. Please do not bring any nut products into the studio. We have students with severe nut allergies and must make the studio a safe place for everyone.

5. Student Drop Off
Students should not be dropped off earlier than 10 minutes prior to class or stay longer than 5 minutes afterwards. Please walk your student in or make sure they have gone inside their dance room before leaving. Students must remain inside the building until their ride arrives. Students left 5 minutes past their class end time are subject to a $10 charge.

6. Parking Lot
No student of any age should hang out in the parking lot without a parent present. ALL students must wait INSIDE the building to be picked up by a parent. Students may not wait outside. 

7. Time Between Classes
Student 11 and under cannot be left unattended between classes. If a student is in dance class under teacher supervision, parents may run an errand (please see bathroom info below). But students 11 and under not in class must have parental supervision in the studio.

8. Bathroom Break for Younger Students
If your child is not able to  go to the restroom by themselves (this includes getting their leotard and tights on and off on their own), the parent needs to remain in the waiting area just in case their dancer needs to use the restroom during class. Teacher assistants can escort students to the restroom and bring them back to class, but will wait outside the restroom door and will not be able to help them get dressed. If your child is able to go to the restroom by themselves, you may leave to run an errand while your student is in class.

9. Trash/Diapers
Please do not leave any trash or books on the floor. It is everyone’s responsibility to help keep the studio clean, inside and out. We also do not dispose of dirty diapers.

10. Courteous
Please be courteous to fellow parents. Our lobby can become crowded and a little common courtesy can go a long way.

11. Coffee Shop
We now have a coffee shop next door called The Perfect Blend and students will want to take advantage of the drinks/snacks that will be available.  Our preference is that students 11-18 will walk over in groups of 2 or more.  Children younger than 11 should not exit the building without a parent or older sibling with them.  Please have a conversation with your student concerning your family's preference in reference to walking to the coffee shop while at the studio.  We do not have the staffing to police this and ask that parents assume oversight of how this privilege should be handled by your children.

 Personal Belongings

1. Labels
Please label all shoes, dancewear, dance bags, coats, etc. with the students first and last name. Please write your dancers name on the bottom of their shoes. If not labeled properly, teachers will write your dancers first and last name on their shoes during the first few weeks of classes.

2. Lost & Found
The lost and found is located in the plastic bin in the lobby at the studio. Items will be donated at the end of each month. Please check these bins regularly. Turning Pointe Dance is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

 Classroom Etiquette

  1. Attend class properly dressed and on time

  2. No hanging on the barres

  3. Do not enter the classroom without the instructor’s permission

  4. No street shoes in classroom, no food or drinks (except water bottles) in classrooms

  5. No chewing gum

  6. Students are expected to behave with politeness, respect, and courtesy to teachers and peers

  7. Students must have cell phones/electronic devices on vibrate or silent during class

What to Expect Your First Week

The lobby is very crowded the first few weeks of classes. This will settle down after the first few weeks

Like school, the first few weeks of class are review, and getting everyone comfortable with new classes and new teachers. This helps to make the students comfortable and the teachers can see if they are in the correct class

Class Level
If dancers have been placed into classes that are not correct for them –Don’t worry – we will find a more suitable class!

Parking is the #1 complaint with parents in dance schools around the nation. Please be careful to watch for children and do not park directly in front of the building to wait for your dancer to come out. If they are not at the door ready to get in your car, you must continue to pull through and circle around to allow for parked cars to exit and other cars to pull through. Parking is also available across the street and on Library Lane.

Shy Students/Separation Anxiety
The youngest dancers will often have tears or anxiety the first few weeks. This is normal. The teachers are trained to get children “on task” quickly. Please rest assured that we deal with this A LOT and sometimes there may be a few tears at first. Usually once mom is out of sight and we get them dancing, they quickly forget and have so much fun! If they continue to cry and be upset after a few minutes, we will bring them to you…but more often than not, they will be fine!  It does take trust on the parents part, but please rest assured that they are in a loving and encouraging environment and we will do our very best to make them feel comfortable and secure. Please keep noise down at the window and don’t let siblings open the door or knock on the window. This will distract the dancers.

If your child is not able to go to the restroom by themselves (this includes getting their leotard and tights on and off on their own), the parent needs to remain in the waiting area just in case their dancer needs to use the restroom during class. Teacher assistants can escort students to the restroom and bring them back to class, but will wait outside the restroom door and will not be able to help them get dressed. It also helps if you can take them to the restroom before class begins!

Parents Leaving
Parents are permitted to leave during class and run an errand, get coffee, wait in the car, etc. while their dancer is in class. Please see bathroom policy below for the exception!  Siblings may not be left unattended in the waiting room. bathroom, or studio…they must be with you. The studio closes 5-10 minutes after the last class for the morning/afternoon. Please be mindful of this if you want to have your dancer change after class or chat with other moms as teachers often need to leave to go to their next thing so please be considerate of teachers time. Students left 5 minutes past class end time are subject to a $10 late pick up charge.

Dottie Spotties
We have colored tape on the floor in the studios that we call “dottie spotties” for our younger dancers to easily find a place to spread out and dance and not hit their neighbor with their arms or legs (we also use this to teach spatial awareness and self space vs general space). This usually takes some training to get our baby ballerinas and tiny tots to stay on their dottie spotty…so this is something that you can help us practice at home! Also, we let them know that teachers are the only ones allowed to open the black studio door so that they are not running in and out of the studio during class, so this is also something you can remind them to prepare them for class.

We give suckers or stickers as rewards at the end of class time for listening to the teacher and doing a great job dancing! For our 4-6 year olds our teachers give tickets for good behavior…if they save their tickets they can trade 10 of them in for a piece of candy or 100 in for a bigger prize (tickets carry on from year to year so they can use tickets from last year).