All About Recital

Recital Fees
The annual recital fee of $30 for first student plus $25 for each additional student is due March 1, 2018. The recital fee covers the cost of the auditorium If your dancer withdraws from classes after March 1, 2018, the recital fee will not be refunded. This fee includes 2 recital tickets per dancer to be used for the recital of your choice. Additional tickets will be on sale for $6.25 each ($5.00 plus $1.25 fee). Your discount code for free recital tickets will be put on hold until this fee is paid in full.

Opting Out of Recital
Students wishing to opt out of the recital should submit a written request to the office prior to 10/31/17.

Dress Rehearsals Dates

  • Tiny Dancer - During class the week of May 14-18 at the studio
  • Recital 1 - During class the week of May 14-18 at the studio
  • Recital 2 - Saturday, May 12th
  • Recital 3 - Tuesday, May 15th
  • Showcase - Monday/Wednesday, May 14, 16

Recital Dates

  • Tiny Dancer - May 19th 9:15am
  • Recital 1 - May 19th 11am
  • Recital 2 - May 19th 2pm
  • Recital 3 - May 19th 5:30pm
  • Showcase - May 18th 5:30pm

Additional Recital Details
coming in 2018!

Costume Fees: Costume amounts are approximate and subject to change. Changes in a student’s schedule can result in a change of costume and costume fees. Costume amount includes costume and tax (tights are also included for our younger dancers). For male dancers, the teacher will discuss with the dancer’s parents what attire is to be worn for the performance. All other classes will have one costume per class. All Costume fees are due December 1, 2017.

Class drop/add period ends December 20, 2017. Dancers who wish to change classes after that date must purchase an additional costume.

Costume Distribution
Dancers will receive their costume(s) during our Spring Parent Observation Week. This week is a great opportunity to see your dancer in their costume for the first time and video the recital routine. Please remember we do not allow these videos to be posted on social media.

After December 20th, 2017 costumes are nonrefundable and nontransferable. A student that withdraws from a class after purchasing a costume may pick up the costume between May 1-26, 2018. Costumes not picked up by then will be donated.

Recital Tickets
Because of how large our dance school has gotten the past few years, we are needing to shift the way we do recital fee and tickets. First, we are going to move to online reserved seating instead of the general admission method. We are excited to implement this because everyone can walk into recital day knowing they have assigned seats and eliminate the lining up for hours to rush in, hiding in the aisles to save seats, and reduce the stress of getting your dancer where they need to be and worrying about whether you will have seats with your family. We are using a reputable company that helps over a thousand dance studios across the US with ticketing their shows. The website is very user friendly and there will be a phone number to call and reserve over the phone as well. There will be forthcoming details about this process including a video tutorial and we will make sure everyone is aware of the date/time tickets will go on sale.

Next, we are reducing the recital fee from $35 to $30 for first dancer and from $30 to $25 for each additional dancer. With the reduced recital fee (which helps cover the many aspects of our show such as facility rental, programs, light and sound techs, etc.) we will also be reducing the amount of free tickets. Each dancer will receive 2 free tickets to the show of your choice (so if you have 2 dancers you will receive 4 free tickets, if you have 1 dancer you will receive 2 free tickets). You will receive a discount code to unlock your free tickets online once your recital fee is paid and can reserve your free seats along with any additional seats together at that time. Additional tickets will be $6.25 each ($5 plus $1.25 processing fee). Stage moms will be given a code for 2 additional free tickets for each show they stage mom in (so for example if you are a stage mom for 2 recitals, you will get 4 free tickets plus the 2 with your recital fee=6 total.). There will also be perks for volunteers and graduating seniors. Children 2 and under do not need tickets if they are sitting on a lap…anyone that needs a seat needs a ticket! Stage moms who are backstage during a recital do not need a ticket.

Video-taping and flash photography are prohibited during the productions/recitals, however, you may take video/photos at the dress rehearsals. A professional DVD of the recital will be available for purchase from Colorado Springs Video. Professional photos from the recital will also be available in an online gallery.

How long are the recital performances?
Each performance will be 1.5-2 hrs. The May 18th Showcase will run 2-2.5 hrs.

Will my dancer get to sit in the audience once her/his dance is finished?
For general safety reasons, we insist that all performers are to remain backstage during both the dress rehearsal and recital performances. We have plenty of help backstage to keep your dancers entertained while they wait for their dance.

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