Back to School: Can my child handle school AND dance?

Welcome back to school! We want to encourage all of our moms that have kiddos starting school (maybe for the first time) that dance is not something that will add stress to their schedule or be overwhelming...we actually believe it is beneficial to school aged students to continue with an extracurricular activity and here is why:

School is a work place for kids where they are growing their brains and developing their mental capacity- but they need an outlet to relieve stress, let go, and express themselves- what better place than at the dance studio?

Students are sitting for a lot of the school day- dance gives them a much needed space to move and get some of that energy out...or even re-energize after school!

We believe all students need a "third place". Third place is a term coined by sociologist Ray Oldenburg and refers to places where people spend time between home (‘first’ place) and work/school (‘second’ place). The 3rd place is a place where kids can grow, be themselves, have a level playing field, build community and relationships, and pursue their passions. The most effective ones for building real community seem to be physical places where people can easily and routinely connect with each other: churches, parks, recreation centers, gyms, restaurants, and DANCE!

So while there is a transition with children beginning school, we encourage you to make sure they are getting time in their third place where they can create, re-energize, and MOVE!

We can’t wait to see you September 3rd!

More Than Dance: Turning Pointe’s 2019 Outreach Roundup

What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have the works?  — James 2:14

 Turning Pointe Dance is Colorado Springs’ premier faith-based dance studio, committed to providing excellence in dance and theater instruction while cultivating hearts of worship and nurturing creativity. In keeping with the heart of the studio, in addition to quality dance instruction, Turning Pointe works as Christ’s hands and feet in our community and beyond. For a look back at how we kicked off the 2018-19 dance year, click here, and check out all the ways we wrapped up another blessed season praising His name below:

 Turning Pointe students and staff set their intensions for another year in His name last January, spending time in the scriptures and setting goals for the new year. The session was accompanied by a prayer walk around the studio and other places around the city pertaining to individual goals.

 On February 15, students of Turning Pointe’s Training Division shared their gifts and talents with the residents and patients of Life Care Center of Colorado Springs – an inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation center that provides 24-hour nursing care in the Pike’s Peak Region. Students shared the gospel and shined His light through worship performances, treating those in attendance to music and dance that glorified His name.

Similarly, students of Turning Pointe’s Irish classes performed for children and their families to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day weekend, bringing faith-based Irish performance to the Go For Gold Kids Weekend at Bear Creek Nature Center.

 On April 13, Turning Pointe’s Mission Team hosted The Royal Ball, a Daddy-Daughter Dance. Complete with crafts, door prizes, sweet treats and plenty of dancing, the event’s proceeds helped support Turning Pointe’s 32-member mission team as they spread the gospel to the people of El Salvador in June.

June 6-13, our mission team traveled to El Salvador to spread the love of Jesus through dance and drama in schools, churches, national theaters, and outdoor plazas. It’s an honor and privilege for our students to be able to use the gifts and talents God has given them to bring joy and hope to others. We loved connecting and praying with the beautiful people of El Salvador we met from the students to the employees at the hotel we stayed at- there is always an opportunity to be an encouragement!

 This summer, Turning Pointe is excited to partner with Pulpit Rock Church's “Love Your Neighbor” team to collect donations of lumber, mattresses and bedding to help build bunk beds for children in the foster care system and others who are sleeping on the floor in impoverished homes. For information about how to make a contribution or to learn more about the “Love Your Neighbor” team, check out the display in Turning Pointe's lobby during your summer classes! 

 Turning Pointe’s mission is not only to fully develop a dancer’s skills and talents in an atmosphere that is glorifying to God, but to encourage students to use their gifts to bless others in our community and beyond. Be sure to read your newsletters and check the bulletin boards in the lobby for upcoming outreach opportunities and how you can be a part of Turning Pointe’s mission!


El Salvador 2019 - Day Six - Bittersweet Goodbyes

We spent our last ministry day at two different schools. The first was a school called Josúe Christo, which is in Ataco. It's really close to Apaneca, where we went ziplining earlier in the week. This school is in a pretty low income area. It was the joy of our hearts to get to love on the students there! We played and danced with them before our program, and afterwards they stretched out their hands to pray for us.

"Having the elementary students from Ataco pray with extended hands for our team really touched my heart. This showed that the kids can have just as big of an impact as the adults. They're strong little warriors for His kingdom!"

Abigail Hughes

Our last few team members who had not spoken during a program (whether that be giving testimony or introducing the show) got the chance to do that. For several of our team members this week, speaking in front of an audience has been a difficult thing- but each of them has felt the power of their words and the victory of facing their fears afterwards!

"I shared my testimony, I could feel that the enemy didn't want me to do it. After I did it I felt strong, and so loved by the Lord. My team members prayed over me after I did it. I know that no matter what I do now that God still loves me and cares for me!"

Hannah Fravel

The second school we visited is called Casa La Atarraya. This school has a special place in the team's heart, as it's where our team leader lived for seven weeks in 2016! Casa La Atarraya is a very nice school with lots of awesome programs and opportunities for the students there. We had an awesome time dancing for him- and they thoroughly enjoyed watching us! At the end, they cheered and begged for us to do one more dance, so we performed our recital theme dance from the showcase recital this year.

It was an extra special day for some of our returning team members who had been to these schools before. What a privilege it is to get to go back and build relationships year after year with these sweet kiddos! Our contact, Wally Cook, told us that one of the best things short term missionaries can do to broaden their impact is to keep returning and building relationships, and we are so honored to be in a place to do that.

"Visiting two schools that we've been to last trip was such a cool way to end. I talked to several kids and everyone seemed to be enjoying our program." Emily

After our final performance, we headed back to the hotel to cool off and eat dinner. After dinner we broke into small groups to pray over and edify one another. It was a precious time of deeply loving and sowing into each other as team members. When our small groups wrapped up, we packed our suitcases. Some of us headed to bed for a couple hours, while others chose to stay up- we left the hotel at 3:45 AM to catch our flight! Most of the team members have been sleeping or journaling on the plane rides.

"The flights home have been very bitter sweet. On one hand, we are all exhausted and want our comfortable beds and to be able to drink tap water again, but on the other hand, El Salvador became our home over the last week. The week in El Salvador cannot compare to any other experience we've had before and most of us are not ready to move on from El Salvador and take everything we learned and apply that to our every day lives."

Marika White

As our team heads home, we are so full of all that Jesus has done this week, and so excited to share with all of our friends and family back home! Thank you for supporting us with your prayers this week. The Lord has truly moved mightily as a result!

All of our love,

Team El Salvador

El Salvador 2019 - Day Five - National Theater

Today, our team drove 2 hours out of San Salvador to Santa Ana to perform in the national theater. This building is so beautiful, and we were all super excited! We had about 400 students in the audience who came as a school field trip. What a blessing it is to be able to serve these communities!

After leaving the theater, we got lunch at a local pizza place and tried some fun, unique pizzas- apple and almond was one of the favorites! We enjoyed a time of fellowship with each other, and greatly appreciated the time to cool off from the heat.

After lunch, we walked to a park in Santa Ana and did some street ministry. For most of the team, it was their first time ever doing street ministry! We blasted some music to draw the crowd in, and had a good amount of people show up, which was so exciting. It was so cool to get to minister to people of all ages and backgrounds, and the entire team so felt the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel. Several team members spent some time cooling off in the pool and laughing and joking with each other, which was such a great release after a couple of intense days.

After dinner, we spent some time in prayer and worship over one of our team members. Again, the presence of the spirit was so there!

“It was amazing to be able to perform in a historical theater here in El Salvador. I was blessed to meet the students of El Salvador were in the lobby and how much fun they were having with our team. This evening we spent quite a bit of time in praise and worship as we prayed for one of our members. I am blessed to be a part of this amazing team.” Ron Young

Tomorrow will be our last full day of ministry. We would love you to be praying over our team! We're all pretty exhausted- we need Jesus to fill the gap! We're so excited to be visiting some pretty special schools, and we are so pumped to give them our very best!

Love, Team El Salvador

El Salvador 2019 - Day Four - Power of Generosity

This morning we headed out to España, a public, all girls school in San Salvador. España is one of our favorite places to go as a team. The girls there embody the Salvadoran culture of generosity and openness, and it is so special to get to minister to them.

"I told one of the girls I was talking to I liked her earrings and she gave them to me as a gift. She didn't even think twice- she just wanted me to have them. This week I've been learning to not question what God's doing in my life and to just receive what he has for me, and this girl was a beautiful reminder of that." -Maegan Winter {Side note: in Salvadoran culture, giving gifts in this way is very normal. Our translators assured the team that they should accept any gifts they were given and that it was culturally okay!}

We got to spend some time playing with younger students and talking with older ones before we performed. We had a great time practicing our Spanish, and they had a great time practicing their English!

“It was cool to see how the language barrier wasn’t really a problem to communicate with them. It was cool to see when some of our team members were praying for the students, they were able to show emotions and they felt comfortable with people that they did not know because they trusted us.” Abbie Van Horn

Both of our performances at España were so anointed. We could feel the girls really listening and responding, and had some amazing times of prayer with and over many of them. So many of our team members fell in love with this school!

Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel and spent the rest of the afternoon in prayer, fellowship, and debriefing. This evening it poured buckets of rain, hard enough to knock mangos out of the mango tree by our hotel! Several of the team members thought it was hailing for a moment, thanks to our spring hailstorms in Colorado.

We're all so excited for our outreach tomorrow- we will be heading out Santa Ana to perform for 650 people in El Salvador's national theater, followed by doing some street ministry by performing in the park across the street from the theater. Be praying for the spirit to fill us and allowing us to serve well!

Love, Team El Salvador

El Salvador 2019 - Day Three - Poesia

The team woke up this morning well rested and ready to serve! Our breakfast included fresh papaya, watermelon, and pineapple. Fruit in Central America is so delicious! We heard from a group of team members on the idea of hope for our devotion, then headed to the bus to roll out.

Today, we visited a church in San Salvador called Poesia, which translates to poetry. Upon arrival, we met some new translators and got the opportunity to sit down with them and listen to their stories. It was so cool to get to connect with them!

“I met one of our translators on the team, Anna, who was very connected to the spirit and it was so neat to hear about her life and her experiences with other mission teams before us.” -Ally Williams

When we headed into the church, we had the opportunity to participate in some pre-service prayer time. Then, when the service began, we spent an hour in worship with the people at the church. While they sang in Spanish, we sang in English. What a beautiful example of every tongue, every tribe, every nation- this is what the kingdom of heaven looks like!

“I was sitting down in the church and I was listening to the Lord and I felt the Lord say ‘The spanish language is the beautiful language I have created.’” - Anah Swank

We performed Spellbound and gave testimony. We then had the opportunity to talk with some of the congregation and pray for them, and received prayer from them. Again, what a beautiful example of what the kingdom of heaven looks like!

“I had the opportunity to pray for a man who felt he had no purpose from the lord. He said he needed prayer to find the direction in his life.  This man was brought to tears by my prayer. It was absolutely incredible to feel that I had impacted a complete stranger’s life because of the words God spoke through me.” - Kensley White

After the service was over, we were invited to eat lunch with the congregation. They served us an amazing meal of chicken, rice, and veggies. We had the opportunity to financially bless them and their ministry, as well, by purchasing Poesia shirts, which the team was all about.

After lunch and saying our goodbyes to the church, we went down to a market to find gifts to bring back to our families. We had a great time bartering and exploring, as well as practicing our spanish. This evening was sent debriefing the day and sharing in fellowship before heading to bed. We’re all looking forward to our next ministry day tomorrow!

Love, Team El Salvador

El Salvador 2019 - Day Two - Zip Line Review

Our second day on the field was spent investing in each other. Most of our ministry is conducted at schools and churches- neither of which are running on a Saturday! We talked as a team about how our job is to serve our contacts, and part of that is being in agreement with them and the itinerary they set for us. We were able to give our translators the Saturday off to be with their families, and also love on M and J, who are Wally and Judy’s grandchildren. We also discussed the fact that our long term missions field is with each other. When we leave the field, we still have each other to invest, love, and serve with.

We drove about 2 hours out of San Salvador to Apaneca, a town up the mountains full of coffee plantations! We went ziplining over the coffee plantations, partially in the rain- see the team member videos below to hear their thoughts!

Afterwards, we went to La Pampa, a local restaurant, for lunch. The team tried some adventurous foods, like fried yucca and grilled rabbit, before heading back to the hotel to spend some time in prayer and journaling. We feel so ready and equipped to hit the ground running again and serve well!

Love, Team El Salvador

El Salvador 2019 - Day One - Crocodile Chronicles

Wow! Today was our first full day in San Salvador, and we hit the ground running! Our travel day yesterday was so smooth. Our team did a great job of sticking together, looking out for each other, and traveled like pros. We landed in San Salvador around 8:30 last night, made it to our hotel, and settled in for the night.

We started this morning off with breakfast as a team. We enjoyed a meal of eggs, beans, and fried plantains, and shared in a devotional time with our team leaders. Already our team is becoming incredibly close and connected, and being in fellowship together has been so good.

From the hotel we headed to a high school in San Salvador. This school is focused around vocational training- students were studying to be mechanics, computer scientists, and electricians. We were very fortunate to have a stage space to perform on, and a small back hallway to use as a changing room. After dropping our stuff and changing into our first costume, we set off to engage with the waiting students.

Our team is being accompanied by an awesome team of translators who work with Amazing Love Missions.  We are so fortunate to have them! Their hearts for the Lord and for this country are so beautiful.

“I think what most impacted me today was all the nice people. Even though we didn’t speak very much Spanish, they still helped us communicate. We also got to know one of the translators and that was awesome because we were able to relate to her.” -Sarah

We performed our program once through, then had an opportunity to pray over the principal of the school and hear from him. This man is so passionate about his students and his school, and was eager to share about it with us! After lunch, he took us on a brief tour of the school and to see the school band perform. They were awesome! We also got to meet the school mascot- a pet crocodile.

“(It was really cool) just seeing how proud of his students the principal was. He was so willing to build relationship with us, too.

I was also able to dance with some of the students during the crowd participation number. It was so cool to get to dance with people from all different backgrounds and know that we were able to understand each other through movement.” -Emmy

After lunch, we headed back to the performance space for another round with a new group of students. This group was so energetic and engaged with us, and we really enjoyed performing for them. At the end, the pastor of a local church who runs outreaches at this school prayed over our team, we said our goodbyes, and we headed out.

“During the first performance, I noticed that I personally didn’t feel as connected to the students and the Lord. But the second time around, I realized we were praying on the side more intensely- we really wanted to make an impact on these kids lives, and I felt the difference in the performance. So I guess [I just realized] the power of prayer and how it impacted our performance.” -Ally

Upon arriving back at the hotel, we had some time to put our things away and talk through the day together. Then, Moriah and Tina took us on a surprise walk to the El Salvador World Trade Center, which is only a couple city blocks from our hotel. We got some ice cream at Boston, a popular ice cream shop. We tried some unique flavors, like Tamarindo, then spent some time exploring the center.

We walked back to our hotel and arrived to a homemade taco dinner, brought to us by our contacts, Wally and Judy Cook. They take such good care of us! We enjoyed fellowship and food together, then finished out the evening with a short swim in the hotel’s pool.

Already, we are seeing the Lord move in such cool ways! We are so excited to get to partner with Him and what He is doing in this beautiful nation. Thank you for your continued prayers at home!

Love, Team El Salvador

FDYC: Is It Right for Me?

Fidèle Youth Dance Company: Is It Right For Me?

 Turning Pointe Dance is committed to providing excellence in dance and theater instruction while cultivating hearts of worship and nurturing creativity. Our mission is to fully develop artistic skills and talents in an atmosphere that is glorifying to God, and to encourage our students to use their gifts to bless others in our community and beyond. From first steps through graduation, no matter your goals, Turning Pointe has something for everyone – including the opportunity to gain pre-professional experience as a member of Fidèle Youth Dance Company.

 Interested in production experience with a focus on shining the light of Christ? Read on to find out if FYDC is right for you or your dancer!

What is FYDC?

 Fidèle Youth Dance Company, part of Turning Pointe Dance, is a Christian, student dance company. FYDC strives to impact our community for His kingdom through the arts, providing a healthy and Christ-centered training environment with the unique opportunity to be involved in a production and gain pre-professional experience.

 What can I gain by joining the company?

Members of Fidèle (French for “faithful”) gain valuable experience in a pre-professional company setting that fosters both a love of Christ and a love of the arts. Students work with guest instructors to expand their vocabulary and skill sets in dance and acting, giving company members the tools and experience they need to continue dancing professionally, be it in a performance company, in the missions field, in college and beyond. Members also participate in the creation of original productions, providing the unique experience of learning to build a performance from the ground up.

What makes FYDC different from other performance companies/performing in the recital?

Each year, members of FYDC perform an original, full-length and faith-based production with the intention of spreading the gospel through the arts. In addition, Company members are assigned to prayer groups, encouraging friendships and spiritual bonds that transcend studio space. As a group, Fidèle participates in outreach and service projects each season that minister to our community and work through Bible studies that pertain to each annual production, taking the lessons learned in the classroom and translating them into the hands and feet of Christ, shining His light on the stage, to each other and in the world.

 As part of company outreach, each year students perform pieces from their praise and worship repertoire at senior centers, homeless shelters, memory care facilities, rehabilitation centers, arts festivals and other events throughout Colorado Springs with the mission of using performance to shine the light of Christ to members of the community. After performing, company members serve each location by spending time visiting residents, serving meals, cleaning up and assisting with other duties, as assigned. In addition to performance, Fidèle has partnered with Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado and Springs Rescue Mission to help neighbors in need across the state.

To date, Fidèle has donated more than 1,000 pounds of food to Care and Share and built more than 1,500 care boxes for low-income seniors. Members of the company have also served the community through service days spent cleaning local parks and raising funds to end child poverty through Compassion International's Walk with Compassion. Last season, members of FYDC participated in CityServe, organized by COS I Love You, serving the community in city wide prayer events, and volunteering their time for trail clean up at Garden of the Gods park.

How old do I need to be to participate?

 There are four levels of company participation within FYDC: Senior Company (dancers age 14 and older); Apprentice Company (dancers age 10-13); Junior Company (dancers age 8-9); and Acting Company (limited dance members of all ages). Tuition and additional requirements are based on your age/level within the company.

What are the requirements?

 Because FYDC rehearsals do not include class time and focus instead on putting together the production, members of the company must abide by the following requirements in order to prepare for their roles and avoid injury. (Members do not need to fulfill these requirements at Turning Pointe; however, classes taken at other studios must be communicated to FYDC’s directorial team.)

 Members of the FYDC Senior Company are required to take two or more ballet technique classes per week, plus at least one additional class in the style of their choice. Dancers en pointe are required to take at least one pointe class per week in addition to other Senior Company requirements.

 Members of the FYDC Apprentice Company are required to take one or more ballet technique class per week, plus at least one additional class in the style of their choice.

 Members of the FYDC Junior Company are required to take one or more dance technique class per week. Although ballet is preferred, the class may be in the style of their choice.

What is the time/financial commitment?

 Weekly rehearsals take place each Saturday from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. at Turning Pointe. Each week will consist of a company warm-up, Bible study and production rehearsal. The season will run from Intensive Week, July 15-20, through our final performance the weekend of November 16.

Cast members need only attend during rehearsal times for numbers in which they've been cast, and rehearsals will be primarily be structured by company level. If your parts are not rehearsing, you do not need to be at the studio.

All company members are required to attend the Intensive Week and both theater rehearsals.

Tuition is based on age/placement within the company. Discounts are offered for students who pay the entire season’s tuition up front (by August 1), and for additional family members within the company. A complete list of tuition and fees is available at


What are the details of this season’s production?

 This season FYDC will perform “Out of Egypt,” an original production based on the book of Exodus. “I have seen. I have heard. I will deliver.” In addition to bringing the powerful message of this scripture to Mitchell High School’s 850-seat theater, members of the 2019 Company will have the opportunity to experience the creation of this full-length production from start to finish.

Performances will be held the weekend of November 16.


Can I still join the 2019 Company?

 Yes! The final round of auditions will be held Saturday, June 8. For audition times and more information, including the roles up for grabs, what to bring, what to wear and what to expect, visit

 Want to learn more? Visit, or reach out to the directorial team directly at


All About Picture Week

All About Picture Week

 Mark your calendars! April 29-May 4 is Picture Week at Turning Pointe! During your child’s regular class times, class photos will be taken outside the Pique studio. To make each portrait shine, all dancers will need to wear their recital costumes to class with the correct tights, shoes, hair style and accessories. But do they need to bring anything else? How can you order prints and digital photos for yourself? Can I have individual portraits taken? We’ve got all you need to know and more, straight from the photographer herself:

“Hi there! I’m Amanda Lamb. I’m the single mom of two kids. You might know my daughter Reagan. She dances her heart out, but she’s been on crutches since late February. We’ve been a Turning Pointe family since 2012, and I’ve been the official Turning Pointe Dance photographer since 2015. I’m sure we’ve seen each other in the lobby or parking lot in some frazzled passing. When I’m not loving on your Turning Pointe dancers, I’m either helping my brides plan the wedding of their dreams or teaching World History and Civics at The Classical Academy High School.”


Q: What do I need to know for Picture Week?
A: “Most of all, with any portrait session, it’s incredibly important that you stay calm for your dancer. When we’re in the basement, we’re doing our best to bring out your dancer’s best. If they’re nervous or rushed, it’ll show in their photos. We’re going to continue doing appointment-based time slots for your dancer’s individual portraits, with the exception of our Twirl Dancers. Twirl Dancers will have their portrait taken during their class time.

 Secondarily, make absolutely sure that if you want an individual photo for your dancer, you schedule a time for them to be photographed. This is especially important if you plan to purchase a memory mate of your dancer. Without an individual portrait time, they will not have their individual portrait taken.”


Q: Do I need to be present during my child’s photo?
A: No. In fact, parents are not allowed in the photo area. Through years and years of experience, we have found that even the smallest of dancers respond best to our gentle, encouraging, and professional presence. Just like during dance class, we respectfully ask that all parents/guardians stay out of the photographic area.”


Q: I have a lot of dancers in the family. Can I get a discount for my dancers’ photos?
A: “Yes! Purchases are discounted in two ways:

1.     Turning Pointe families are on a special purchase list that has items automatically discounted 20 percent. No code required!

2.     You can pre-purchase print credit. Up until the first day of portraits, I allow families the opportunity to pre-purchase print credits. If you know you’ll want $500 worth of prints between portraits and recital, you can pay just $400 for that purchase between now and the first day of portrait week.”


Q. Where can I go to pre-purchase and save?
A: “Just Visit You can place your order here anytime between now and the end of Picture Week! Once we receive your order, you’ll receive an email with a coupon code within 48 hours. Keep this coupon code – you’ll use it when you check out to take your prepaid credit amount off the total of your order.”


Q: Can I send cash or a check with my dancer?
A: “Unfortunately our capability to accept in-person payments during picture week is very limited. We’re happy to take your credit or debit card payment, but we can’t accept cash or checks. Our preference is to have you do it online through our secure storefront. You’re welcome to wait until pictures are released and order via our super-easy-to-use website; however, the best opportunity to save is to take advantage of the pre-sale.”


Q: Will you be selling memory mates this year?
A: “YES! We are excited to offer memory mates again this year. We’ve made a beautiful template. They will be available for $35 during the pre-sale and $45 after.”

Q: Where and when can I view the photos?
A: “Just visit You can enter your email to be notified when images are ready! And, great news! This is also where the recital photos will be this year. That’s right – all your dancer’s photos in one easy place! This also means no separate shipping charges for recital and portraits. We’re hoping to have photos ready within 2-3 weeks of each event.

Thank you so much for entrusting your dancers to us! We’re so excited to make Portrait week a success!”