Cecchetti Syllabus

Turning Pointe will again be offering students the opportunity to participate in Cecchetti Syllabus classes and exams! Students who choose to participate will be required to take spring, summer and fall Cecchetti Grade I classes, which is separate from your other obligations. The exam will be held late October in Littleton, the cost is approximately $50 for the Grade I exam.

Students who study for the exam benefit from a strong knowledge of terminology, theory, as well as technique.  The syllabus work is based on the globally recognized teachings of Maestro Enrico Cecchetti.  The technique focuses on producing dancers with a strong use of alignment, feeling of line, ballone and beautiful aesthetics.  Becoming a Cecchetti student requires hard work and dedication.  These qualities, along with beautiful technique, are noted by many colleges and dance companies.

Exams are both physical as well as oral.  In groups of four, the students present themselves to two examiners.  They will demonstrate the material they have been perfecting and receive feedback along with a pass or fail level, citing how well they understood and executed the material.  There are seven marks available to the examiners; fail, pass conditional, pass, pass plus, pass commended, pass highly commended, pass with honors (extremely rare).  On each child's exam paper, they will receive comments from the examiners on how well they did and also things they need to improve upon.  It is a lovely way for students to realize how far they have come and what they still need to work towards.

An Audition is required to take this class.  Ms. Sara will let you know if your student is ready to begin!  Currently we will be holding Cecchetti exam classes Feb-Oct 2019 on Friday evenings, 6:30-7:30 (summer will have a different schedule).  This class is considered supplementary and is outside of Training or other ballet classes..
Auditions and Parent Meeting for anyone interested in the Cecchetti exam will be February 1st 6:30-7:30pm at the studio!

Questions? Please contact Ms. Sara at training.turningpointe@gmail.com!