We love Turning Pointe!! This is our second year for one of our daughters, and our first year for our other daughter. They both absolutely love it!! Turning Pointe’s ballet and tap knowledge and instruction is amazing! And for a family of five who thought there was no option, financially anyway, this is a complete blessing. Something we can afford without “screaming”! We are blessed to be a Turning Pointe family!
— Christie C
We love Turning Pointe Dance! Tina and her staff are amazing. They care so much for the little and big ones they are teaching. I love that there is a scripture verse read at the beginning of class and that the class is centered on God! Tina and her staff show the love of Christ to every girl and the girls enjoy being in the class. My daughter loves going to Turning Pointe and I always recommend it to anyone who is looking for a ballet/dance studio. Congratulations on the new place and keep doing what your doing for the Glory of God.
— Kristin E
Turning Pointe Dance is amazing and my girls and I love it! My kids are younger (2.5 and 4.5) and to watch Tina work with them so patiently and lovingly is truly and joy and a blessing. Plus, they’re learning ballet and tap in a fun way that is really engaging to small children. My girls also love to spend time watching the “big girls” dance and I have to confess I enjoy it as well. It’s obvious that they are well-trained and disciplined and that they truly love what they do.
— Wendy C
This is my daughter’s 4th year dancing here, and it is wonderful that she can learn dance in a way that is glorifying to the Lord! Mrs. Tina is a wonderful teacher, and she is also great at keeping everything as affordable as possible for parents. I also love the fact that all body types are celebrated here. And the new studio is beautiful. Thank you, Turning Pointe!
— Corine R
My daughter joined Turning Pointe last spring, and has loved her experience there. Turning Pointe provides an uplifting, positive dancing experience for these children, while also being very professional and high-quality. When I attended a class observation, I was really impressed by the quality of dancing and cooperation of all the 5 and 6 year old girls. Another major plus is the cost-we really wouldn’t be able to afford ballet anywhere else. Our daughter receives quality ballet instruction in a great environment at an amazing price. We couldn’t be happier.
— Jennifer B
The instruction is top notch with well educated teachers who have an easy rapport with the girls. I love that the emphasis is on God, the children and the art of dance rather than on flashy costumes and makeup I have heard about with other studios. They allow kids to be kids. Wonderful!
— Brenda V
My 5-year-old daughter is learning ballet and loves it so much that she would probably attend 3x a week if she could. Miss Jennifer is her instructor, and not only does she have an impressive background of dance experience, but she is so gracious and wonderful with the little dancers. One of my favorite aspects is the waiting area for parents and siblings – spacious, and toys for their entertainment. There is truly a peace that resides in the studio and it makes our experience that much sweeter!
— Brenna J
My daughter started with Turning Pointe Dance when she was 4 years old and it was one of the best choices we have made in regards to extra curricular activities. Starting so young she was able to build her confidence about being in front of many people and I truly believe this has strengthened her ability to perform and be a leader in her classroom setting now. We have truly been blessed with all of the dance teachers that have touched our lives in the past five years. Each one brought their own knowledge and creativity as well as the loving grace that children should be taught with. I appreciate that even the smallest detail of the classes and the atmosphere overall have been addressed and prayed over. It is truly refreshing as a mom when my daughter’s modesty and honor are at the forefront of the teachings, especially in today’s culture where our young girls grow up too quickly. My daughter has thrived with dance and absolutely loves her new Hip-Hop class this year where she is able to put to use her energy and desire to perform in a genre of music that is exciting and honoring to the Lord.
— Karrie K
We’ve been with Turning Pointe since their inception about eight years ago and there are so many aspects we appreciate about the studio. As a previous reviewer, Brenda, mentioned, the emphasis is on God as the dancers are encouraged to dance for Him and memorize a verse each month. The instructors are top-notch, very well versed in dance methods and physiology. Compared to other studios in town, Turning Pointe has affordable tuition and recital fees. And speaking of recitals, Turning Pointe’s recitals are very professionally executed and the dancers (both girls and boys), wear modest costumes that are affordable and look good. Now that my two older daughters are teens, I appreciate how the instructors work with them on the finer points of dance and how there is no “gotta be thin” culture at Turning Pointe (although they do emphasize health and fitness) that might nudge these beautiful teens towards eating disorders. Also, the studio offers two dance “tracks” for teens. A teenager can dance either seriously or recreationally, so that Turning Pointe can fit teens’ busy lives. Oh, and when I accidentally overpaid this year, the studio owner, Tina C, let me know and asked me what I’d have her do with the overage. All in all, this is a terrific studio.
— Kelly B