Summer Mini Mester

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We are offering June mini mester classes and July mini mester classes. Students can sign up for one month or if they sign up for both June and July...see discounts below!

June classes will run June 4-29
July classes will run July 2-27
No classes July 4th...make up day on July 6th same class times

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Tuition is class time per week=student tuition per month. Calculate tuition for each student separately. Please see discounts below.


Early Bird Special
Register and pay by May 1st for 10% off your summer mini mester tuition (may be combined with sibling and June/July discount)

June/July Discount
If a student registers for classes in both June and July (does not have to be same class) they will receive 10% off both months of tuition (may be combined with sibling discount and/or early bird discount)

Sibling Discounts
The student with the most dance instruction time per week will be considered the primary student. A 10% discount will be given for the 2nd sibling, 15% for the 3rd sibling, and 20% for all additional siblings

Active military discount
10% discount if either or both parents are in active military service
(10% tuition discount for primary student only). Discount may not be combined.

Loyal Customer Discount
5% off primary student tuition for being a TP customer 5 consecutive years or more. May not be combine with other discounts.

There are no extra registration fees for summer mini mester, however, a $10 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit (per class) is due upon registration. This deposit holds your dancer’s place in the class and is put towards the total tuition balance.

Summer Tuition Due
Due the first day of the month (June 1st and July 1st). Tuition paid after June 10th or July 10th will incur a late fee of $10. Accounts marked “yes” for recurring billing: Autopay for credit cards will be run on June 1st for all summer classes and camps.

A student wishing to drop a class or classes they are registered for is considered to be withdrawing. A student not showing up for classes/camps does not constitute a withdrawal. To withdraw from a class, written notice must be given to our school administrator: you must fill out a blue withdrawal form or email on or before May 20th (for June classes) or June 20th (for July classes) or you will continue to be responsible for tuition payment.

Teacher Approval Classes
If a student would like to register for a class that is marked 'teacher approval', our School Administrator will handle looking up their placement level on file, get approval from the appropriate teachers, or set up an audition. A confirmation email will be sent once class placement is determined.

Summer Dress Code

Solid color leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, optional skirt (any color or pattern)

Solid colored leotard or fitted shirt, black pants, capris, or shorts, and foot paws or bare foot

Jazz/Musical Theater
solid color tank or fitted tee, black jazz pants, capris, or shorts, black slip on jazz shoes

Solid color leotard, shorts and tights or tight fitting tank and black leggings. Ankles must be visible. Black ballet shoes or ghillies.

Dancewear or similar clothing.  Tights with shorts over are acceptable.  Pants need to show knee alignment or be able to be pulled up over the knee.  No jeans.
Dance Sampler Classes: solid color tank or fitted tee, black jazz pants, capris, or shorts, and ballet or jazz shoes

Ballet/Worship for Moms and Adult classes
Workout clothes, leotard and tights not necessary

Hip Hop
Workout clothes, leotard and tights not necessary

New Summer Class Descriptions

Dance Outreach is designed to train our dancers in being able to partner their dance talent with the Lord’s heart for outreach in the community. In this class, we will delve into worldview, dance as worship, dance as ministry, and how to connect with others to further the Kingdom. Students will be planning and participating in an outreach at the end of each month (June 29 and July 27 during class time). So join us as we discover the Lord’s heart for those who around us and how we can use our gifts and talents to glorify His name.

Ballet/Worship For Moms
This class is for all you moms who took ballet when you were younger and have always wanted to get back into it or maybe you’ve always wanted to try ballet and never have! Do something fun for yourself and enjoy fellowship and learning with other moms!

Dance Sampler Classes
This class is perfect for the student who wants to try dance, but isn’t sure what style of dance they are interested in! Each week, dancers will be sampling a different style of dance from ballet, jazz, tap, worship, and more!

This is a specialized class designed for dancers who want to improve and broaden their skills in both leaping and turning. Not only is this a fun, fast paced class, but it also helps dancers become well rounded and marketable for the future!

Family Swing Dance
Swing dancing is a fun, social dance that involves easy to learn movement, exciting steps and great music. It dates all the way from the Jazz Age, the 1920s, and has continued to be a popular form of dancing. There are many different styles of swing dancing, each has it’s own tempo, steps and tricks. In this class, we will be learning the basics of East Coast, Lindy and Charleston styles. Come join us as we dance the summer away by learning this fun style of social dancing! Bring a partner, or show up solo. Family pricing is 2 members for the price of 1!

Dancing Through the Decades
Come join us for a great time as we dance through the 20’s with the Charleston from “Singing in the Rain”, Swing dance through the 30’s & 40’s, do the twist through the 50’s with “Grease”, learn some 60′s Rock & Roll from “Hairspray”, Disco through the 70′s, and finish with a bang while we “Cut Footloose” in the 80′s!  This is a fantastic time to explore the many different genres of musical theatre dance and more about the many musical productions that have paved the way since 1920.  Put on your dancing shoes and don’t miss this fast-paced, full of energy class.