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Fidèle Youth Dance Presents "The Prince"

The Prince is an original, faith-based adaptation of Tchaikovsky’s holiday classic The Nutcracker. Created by Katha Morrill, The Prince has been performed annually for more than 20 years, and will be performed in full for the first time in Colorado this year by Fidèle Youth Dance Company.


Following The Nutcracker’s original structure, Act 1 shows a family’s preparation and Christmas Party, followed by Clara and Fritz’s dreams of battles between soldiers and mice. In The Prince, Clara’s Nutcracker Prince sacrifices His life for her and for Fritz, just as Jesus did to save His children. Clara and Fritz are then taken to the Nativity to reveal the true meaning of Christmas before the Prince is resurrected in a magical dream and snow scene. Act 1 concludes with Clara and Fritz being escorted to Heaven with the Prince, where they sit beside God’s throne to see their annual holiday party from a heavenly perspective.


Act 2 also follows The Nutcracker’s formula and features solo and small group performances set to Tchaikovsky’s classic soundtrack. Each family from Act 1’s party scene is now depicted with a sinful spirit, as we see that Satan was the reason for the previous scene’s turmoil among characters. Act 2 concludes with deliverance from sins and a harmonious waltz before the Prince returns to the right hand of Drossylmeyer (God), and the children wake from their dream soundly at home, safely under the eye and protection of God and the Holy Spirit, still watching over them in Heaven.


Fidèle Youth Dance Company will perform The Prince:

 Saturday, November 17 at 6 p.m. and

 Sunday, November 18 at 2 p.m. at

Mitchell High School
1205 Potter Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80909