Turning Pointe’s Top 10 Reasons to Try Hip Hop

No matter your goals on the dance floor, hip hop has something for everyone! Turning Pointe’s hip hop classes teach students isolation, rhythm, control, intricacy, and fluidity in their movements, as well as hearing beats and moving in ways that will benefit all forms of dance. Students learn the various sub-styles that make up hip hop dance, including popping, waving, tutting, jerk, house, lyrical hip hop, break dance, freestyle, and many others. Through class, students will find their sense of movement, add their personal style, and even learn how to choreograph their own pieces.

 Whether you want to dance this style professionally, need a fun new workout or simply want to supplement your jazz, musical theater or ballet training, here are Turning Pointe’s top 10 reasons to give hip hop a try:

1.     Challenge yourself
Ready to think outside the box-step? Breaking your dance routine can benefit bodies and minds alike! Hip hop is anything but easy, and the fun, popular music can bring anyone out of their shell. Challenge yourself to keep up with this high-energy style, master new combinations and even create your own.

2.     Diversify your resume
Think Broadway is all jazz and tap? Think again! With hip hop infused productions like “In the Heights” and “Hamilton” taking the stage by storm, now is the perfect time to diversify your resume. You never know what you’ll be asked to do at an audition!

3.     Develop artistic expression
Accustomed to performing a certain style? Hip hop can develop your artistry as you learn how to express a whole new style. Hip hop isn’t all “going hard” and “hitting it.” It also requires slower, graceful movements and incorporates jazz and even lyrical technique, all while expressing a wide range of emotions. Explore different movement styles, practice transitioning your movements and acting all in one class.

4.     Expand your skills
Originally a stylized form of jazz dancing, hip hop evolved out of street and breakdancing moves and combines several styles of dance, drawing on the elements of other techniques to create its own unique flavor. Want to take your dancing to the next level? Try expanding your skills to master each one with the athletic and funky style of hip hop.

5.     Develop creativity
A large part of hip hop dance is creativity and improvisation – a skill many dancers struggle to master. Learn to lose your reliance on count-by-count structure, gain a greater movement vocabulary and find your voice and style in hip hop class.

6.     Find new muscles
Hip hop includes hard-hitting, fast-paced movements and unique postures that will work your body like no other class. Develop muscles and core strength while you increase endurance in ways exclusive to this athletic style of dance. Give it a try and see for yourself – hip hop does a body good!

7.     Build confidence
Developing a new technique or mastering a new skill is always rewarding, especially if it didn’t come easily! If you’ve spent your life in dance at the barre or in modern class, watching your progress in a brand new style can be particularly exciting – which can carry confidence over into each of your other classes.

8.     Reinforce rhythm
Hip hop utilizes up-beat, popular songs with easily heard beats and syncopated timing. Hip hop class can remix your steps to go beyond the 5-6-7-8, reinforcing your rhythm and challenging dancers to find new beats within each song.

9.     Make new friends
New classes mean new class mates! Develop camaraderie and build your dance community as you discover a whole new way to worship together.

10.  It’s FUN
Just listening to the playlist for hip hop class, it’s hard not to get up and move along. Combine funky movements to a trendy soundtrack and smile through a laid-back style that will improve your ability in a class as challenging as it is fun.

Turning Pointe has a hip hop class for everyone, from Twirl (ages 3.5-5) to advanced and even teen/adult. Find the full line-up of hip hop classes here.

 Ready to give it a try? Free Trial/Bring a Friend week is October 27-November 3!