Turning Pointe's Top 10 Reasons to Try Tap!

Turning Pointe’s Top 10 Reasons to Try Tap

 Do you struggle with timing or musicality? Maybe you need a fun new way to stick to a healthier you in 2019, or even dream of Singin’ in the Rain and one day kicking with the Radio City Rockettes. Whether your goals are recreational or professional in nature, tap dancing is a great way to reach them. Need to be convinced? Check out Turning Pointe’s top 10 reasons to give tap dancing a try:  

1.   It’s for everyone

Tap dancing can be adapted for any age, ability or fitness level. It’s also one of the more neutral styles, appealing to boys and girls, ballerinas, hip hop students and jazz dancers alike! There are classes for preschool students to adult, recreational or recital, and absolutely everything in between!

2.   It’s portable

No need for sprung floors, barres or additional equipment – all you need are your tap shoes and a hard floor. It’s that simple! Tap can be done anywhere, anytime, so practicing your skills is a breeze.

3.   It’s great for coordination

Tap requires the development of both mental and muscle memory to become proficient. Tap steps are complex and often very detailed, so learning and practicing can be great exercise for your brain. Once you understand the rhythm of each step, translating each one to your feet is the ultimate challenge for balance and coordination.

4.   It increases ankle strength and flexibility

While most styles of dance keep you constantly moving from one foot to another, tap offers a further challenge by adding movements and steps that isolate the use of different parts of your feet. All that pointing and flexing will leave your ankles stretched and toned. Bonus: These factors also lead to increased mobility in your knees and hips, and even help to prevent shin splints!

5.   It’s great exercise

Did you know an hour of tap can burn up to 250 calories? Just turn up the music to elevate your heartrate, tone your muscles, engage your core and give yourself a great cardiovascular workout – but you won’t notice all of that because you’ll be having so much fun!

6.   It’s an important part of history

Tap dancing evolved from African tribal dances and Scottish, Irish, and English clog dances. It boasts a long line of legendary performers, all of whom have passed on skills and stories for generations. When you participate in tap, you’re not just taking class – you’re showing respect for elder teachers and tap dance history as you keep the legacy of tap dancing alive!

7.   It makes a well-rounded dancer

What do Singin’ in the Rain, Kiss Me Kate and Yankee Doodle Dandy have in common? They’re all shows that prominently feature tap dancing! Even Billy Elliott, the hit movie turned Broadway show, features tap, as do several shows by the Radio City Rockettes. Be prepared for any part or audition by adding tap to your resume!

8.   It improves rhythm and musicality

Unlike other styles of dance, tap forces its participants to listen to rhythms from both the music AND their feet. Find the beats within the music you’re dancing to and the music you’re making through your taps to perfect your timing and musical interpretation!

9.   It can improve other styles of dance

Even if you’re committed to another style, tap can help dancers improve in every class. Did you know tap is considered the foundation of hip hop? And the same music you’ll hear in tap class can also be heard in jazz. Isolating your feet and ankles, using your breath and keeping a relaxed upper body can progress into solid technique for modern dance, and strengthening your feet and increasing awareness of ankle alignment can be carried into any ballet or pointe class!

10.   It’s FUN!

Let’s face it – making noise is fun! Tapping your feet provides a cathartic release that’s great for self-expression, confidence and emotional health. With tap dancing, you make the music AND the entertainment!

Ready to give it a try? Summer is a great time to try something new with minimal commitment and no Spring recital, and Turning Pointe’s Summer Mini Mester is the perfect way to challenge yourself. There’s a tap class for everyone!

Classes run June 3-27, then July 1-25 (No classes July 4th...make up day on Friday, July 12th same class times). Sign up for one month or both!


For more information, visit turningpointeschoolofdance.com/summer-mini-mester.