All About Picture Week

All About Picture Week

 Mark your calendars! April 29-May 4 is Picture Week at Turning Pointe! During your child’s regular class times, class photos will be taken outside the Pique studio. To make each portrait shine, all dancers will need to wear their recital costumes to class with the correct tights, shoes, hair style and accessories. But do they need to bring anything else? How can you order prints and digital photos for yourself? Can I have individual portraits taken? We’ve got all you need to know and more, straight from the photographer herself:

“Hi there! I’m Amanda Lamb. I’m the single mom of two kids. You might know my daughter Reagan. She dances her heart out, but she’s been on crutches since late February. We’ve been a Turning Pointe family since 2012, and I’ve been the official Turning Pointe Dance photographer since 2015. I’m sure we’ve seen each other in the lobby or parking lot in some frazzled passing. When I’m not loving on your Turning Pointe dancers, I’m either helping my brides plan the wedding of their dreams or teaching World History and Civics at The Classical Academy High School.”


Q: What do I need to know for Picture Week?
A: “Most of all, with any portrait session, it’s incredibly important that you stay calm for your dancer. When we’re in the basement, we’re doing our best to bring out your dancer’s best. If they’re nervous or rushed, it’ll show in their photos. We’re going to continue doing appointment-based time slots for your dancer’s individual portraits, with the exception of our Twirl Dancers. Twirl Dancers will have their portrait taken during their class time.

 Secondarily, make absolutely sure that if you want an individual photo for your dancer, you schedule a time for them to be photographed. This is especially important if you plan to purchase a memory mate of your dancer. Without an individual portrait time, they will not have their individual portrait taken.”


Q: Do I need to be present during my child’s photo?
A: No. In fact, parents are not allowed in the photo area. Through years and years of experience, we have found that even the smallest of dancers respond best to our gentle, encouraging, and professional presence. Just like during dance class, we respectfully ask that all parents/guardians stay out of the photographic area.”


Q: I have a lot of dancers in the family. Can I get a discount for my dancers’ photos?
A: “Yes! Purchases are discounted in two ways:

1.     Turning Pointe families are on a special purchase list that has items automatically discounted 20 percent. No code required!

2.     You can pre-purchase print credit. Up until the first day of portraits, I allow families the opportunity to pre-purchase print credits. If you know you’ll want $500 worth of prints between portraits and recital, you can pay just $400 for that purchase between now and the first day of portrait week.”


Q. Where can I go to pre-purchase and save?
A: “Just Visit You can place your order here anytime between now and the end of Picture Week! Once we receive your order, you’ll receive an email with a coupon code within 48 hours. Keep this coupon code – you’ll use it when you check out to take your prepaid credit amount off the total of your order.”


Q: Can I send cash or a check with my dancer?
A: “Unfortunately our capability to accept in-person payments during picture week is very limited. We’re happy to take your credit or debit card payment, but we can’t accept cash or checks. Our preference is to have you do it online through our secure storefront. You’re welcome to wait until pictures are released and order via our super-easy-to-use website; however, the best opportunity to save is to take advantage of the pre-sale.”


Q: Will you be selling memory mates this year?
A: “YES! We are excited to offer memory mates again this year. We’ve made a beautiful template. They will be available for $35 during the pre-sale and $45 after.”

Q: Where and when can I view the photos?
A: “Just visit You can enter your email to be notified when images are ready! And, great news! This is also where the recital photos will be this year. That’s right – all your dancer’s photos in one easy place! This also means no separate shipping charges for recital and portraits. We’re hoping to have photos ready within 2-3 weeks of each event.

Thank you so much for entrusting your dancers to us! We’re so excited to make Portrait week a success!”