El Salvador Day 2

On Thursday we visited Josue Cristo, a Christian school in the town of Ataco. The students were so eager to participate whether that was in tag or dancing with us. We were so blessed by their sweet hearts.

“I met this boy who God had been telling me to pray for before we even came on the trip and I met him at this school. I asked him about his relationship with Jesus and he told me that he had known him when he was young, but he had gone to a dangerous school and had fallen away from the Lord. The translator and I shared a bit of the gospel with him and told him that this gift is a free gift but it’s also a choice. He told us in turn that it was a hard choice to make. I hugged him and told him that God loved him and then we left. It broke my heart knowing that we might never see the outcome of the seed planted in his life. More importantly it broke my heart because God told me how he felt about this boy.” – Emma G.

“At the school I met this boy named Niko and he has Down’s syndrome. I was praying for him during the show that he would be receptive and understand. Afterwards, I got him to dance and he was just so happy. When I was watching him during the show he was sitting still the whole time and engaged and entertained. It made me realize that in El Salvador I don’t know how kids with special needs are perceived, but he had so much joy and brightened my day.” – Lindsey C.

After ministering at Josue Cristo we had a grand adventure…ziplining in a torrential rainforest downpour! It was AWESOME! After drying off and moving into the cabins of Jardin de Celeste, we experienced the small town vibes of Ataco. We finished up the evening with a scrumptious dinner at La Pampa. This day made us so much more excited about what the Lord is doing in El Salvador. He is moving mightily!