El Salvador Day 4

This morning, Ms. Tina was able to share at the Earthquake School of Supernatural Ministry about her story and dreaming with God. It was amazing to share about how Turning Pointe came to be and to encourage people in their faith that God can do so much more than we can ask or imagine!

Next we went to a 2 hour salsa class at Danzarte Estudio in San Salvador taught by Patty Barrios. This is a dance studio that also offers painting, karate, robotics, and music classes. Crazy enough, Danzarte performed Hairspray the musical this past December! It was so fun to see pictures of their special rendition. We all entered the studio with excitement and learned "how to use our hips in public (quote by McKenna)." We learned a crazy combo that had us all sweating within the first 15 minutes of our 2 hour class. We were so blessed by Patty's expertise.

After our dance class, we ate lunch and then went to Tia Ana's house. Tia Ana's house is a home for kids whose parents are still living but do not want them for various reasons. There are about 23 kids in the home right now ranging from almost 2 years to 20 years old. We passed out little toys, performed a couple of dances, drew with chalk on all the walls (and each other), and hugged on little kiddos who need to know that they are loved.

"At first when we walked in it was really overwhelming. There were a lot of kids everywhere. And then after we danced for them I found a little boy who giggled every time I did something. And then I got covered in chalk by Moriah and R. I didn't want to leave." -McKenna

"When we walked in all the kids gave you the biggest, deepest hugs you could ever get. It was really comforting to me too as much as it was to them. They were very joyful even though they were not in the best situation. They all kind of reminded me of my younger sisters especially the one little boy N because Lizzy and AJ were very small when they came to us.  Even though Lizzy was small and had trauma she had the biggest smile when she came home with my dad. And it was just really a flashback to when they came...it just shows that there are always going to be children who have been hurt everywhere, but we have to know that God can still give them joy." -Emma

"You feel so sorry for the kids on one end, but how do you explain to the kids about their heavenly father when their fathers are absent or abusive? They are so eager for a father that loves them. I cannot fathom all the fathers that don't understand these kids want someone to play football with them in the street...something as simple as that...to be absent for that is hard to believe."- Aaron P.

Again we were so honored and blessed to be able to serve Tia Ana today. She is so much like Jesus and her vision to bring in the forsaken very much reflects the Father's heart.