El Salvador Day 5

This morning started with a trip to the Gringo Market. The students had to practice their bartering skills and did a great job purchasing souvenirs for friends and family back home. We also made a trip to Super Selectos (which is a grocery store that is common in El Salvador) and Starbucks!

After this excursion we went back to the hotel to have a delicious lunch. We then went to Comasagua, which is a town in the mountains that is quite poverty stricken. We got to teach a dance to some of the girls from the town to the song Great are you Lord. We also performed 4 dances including the dance that we taught the girls. We dressed them up in costumes that they got to keep and spoke truth over them. We then got to be a part of the service at Pastor Jose Luis and Sylvia's church. Wally preached about God given dreams take small steps and hard work and talked about Turning Pointe and what God has done to take the dream of an 8 year old girl and make it into something that touches and blesses a lot of people! Pastor Jose Luis had people come up and speak the dreams God has put in their hearts at the end of the service.

"I'm amazed by how much God is present in Comasagua even though it's very poor and the church barely has a building. It felt like the city on a hill figuratively and literally. It was also neat how all of the Salvadorians dreams that they mentioned during the church service were to serve others. " -Emily S.

"I thought it was really cool when we first got to the church and we met the dance team. Most of them seemed very shy, but when we were doing the dance you could slowly start to see them let go more and more. And then by the end they were all hugging us and talking to us and it was really cool to see that. And also I loved seeing their faces when we told them that we had costumes for them to keep. One girl had tears in her eyes and the way their faces lit up was amazing. I also think the message was very good and it was awesome to see how all of their dreams were to serve others." -Olivia P.

Our team loved praying over people at the end of the service releasing them into their God given dreams and destinies. We got to pray over the girls that danced with us and we wouldn't be surprised if God is planting seeds for a Christian dance school in Comasagua!

We came back to the hotel and had a traditional Salvadorian pupusa dinner...yum!