El Salvador Day 6

Our last day of ministry was at the largest all girls public school in El Salvador called España. When we first got there, the person that everything was scheduled through was not there and they had no idea we were coming. At first, they didn't really want to accommodate us being there, but after talking with the assistant principal she agreed to let us do a shortened performance for the morning classes and then we would need to talk with the afternoon principal to get his approval for an afternoon performance. We were so grateful to be able to perform in the morning even with not knowing about the afternoon...blessed are the flexible, right?

So, we had a wonderful performance for the morning group and Emma G and Emma P did an amazing job sharing their testimonies. We got to talk to a LOT of girls after the show (in fact we were wishing we had more translators because there were so many students!), signed autographs, and took pictures. One of our girls got to pray with a girl from the school to accept Jesus into her heart! She was touched by what she saw when we danced...so thankful that she saw Jesus in our dancers!

We had lunch at the school and anxiously awaited to hear whether or not we would be able to do an afternoon show. Thankfully, the afternoon principal agreed to allow us to perform! Although many girls on the team were tired and some not feeling well, they all gave 110% and finished so strong...it's an awesome place to be when we are at the end of ourselves and have to rely so heavily on Jesus to take over and He did!

We had a great team debrief that evening and an amazing time of prayer over each team member. Even though none of us wanted to leave El Salvador, we are so thankful for the time we had in this beautiful country and so thankful to Jesus for giving each team member a glimpse of who they really are...Jesus was so awesome in each of these dancers. As we come back to our normal lives, please be praying that He would continue the work that He started in each team member. Thank you for your support and prayers for our team...we couldn't do this without our Turning Pointe family and friends covering us and lifting us up! To God be the glory!