Construction Update #1

I wanted to take some time to update our Turning Pointe family about our new home and what has been happening! We successfully closed on the building July 3rd. We have been in the planning phase with architects and engineers since April, and finally delivered the permit plans to Regional Building Department last week. In the meantime, we did get our demo permit and all of the demo has been completed at the building including: removing the popcorn ceiling, removing the large desk area, castle, and tree. Now, we are in the waiting phase for the proper permits for construction, then we’ll start to see progress quickly from there. There have been lots of meetings happening and things ordered with designers, flooring contractors, window blinds, access management, signs, landscaping, and much more. So even though there is not much to see yet, there will be once we have the green light to begin!

As most of you know, construction/renovating rarely goes the way we plan and usually takes longer than expected. We had a very tight timeline to begin with, so there is a good chance we may not be able to move into our new home in September. I am working on a back up plan if this ends up being the case (we do have our current space until the end of Sept) and will continue to keep everyone posted as I know more.  "Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape", right?? Through this process, the Lord keeps reminding me that this is not about a building, it’s about Him. This is a walk of faith and I’m so thankful to have this amazing community to walk through this journey with me!

Prayer Points

*That our plans would move quickly through Regional Building Dept and the City and our contractor would have permits in hand soon
*For the many many many details to come together and within our budget
*Provision in every area
*That the Lord would be glorified in this journey and through our studio

How can you help?

We’ll be having a work day at the new building (5540 Library Lane) on August 19th from 2pm-5pm…we’ll be pulling weeds, organizing the basement storage, and putting together IKEA furniture! If any of you can come by any time during this and help we would LOVE it! I would also like to have a prayer time in and around the building starting right at 2pm…would love for our TP family to bathe this place in prayer. We will also have the floor plan posted so you can catch the vision!


The original plans for the coffee shop have shifted and we are looking for someone who would like to partner with Turning Pointe and lease this space in our building for a coffee/snack shop. Contact Rob Rolley at with inquiries.